Get To Know Which Digital Slr Lense Is Right For You

After buy a digital slr,it is very important to know the function of very lenses.Usually people overlook on camera's lenses.Lens is very important to digital slr camera.Lens serve as the 'eye' of digital slr camera.There are many type of lenses with different functions.

Prime lenses:
Prime lenses are fixed focal length.Usually we get this lense when we buy digital slr camera.To zoom with this lense,you need to use your feet and to get farther or closer to the subject.The advantage of this lense is it will produce more sharper image and faster than zoom lenses.

Macro lenses:
We use this lense for extreme close up on small object like insects,flowers,food and many more.This lense is very good for selcetive types of focus.

Normal lenses:
Normal lense is a simple lense like digital camera lense.But.we can produce versatile picture also from this lense depends on our creativity.

Wide-angle lenses:
This lense have short focal length.The short focal length makes the subject far away from you and make it looks smaller. The best part using this lense is you can be relatively close to your subject and fit a broad stroke of the background into the scene.

Telephoto lense:
Telephoto lense is a lense with focal length 100mm and higher.The effect of this focal length is,it bring the subject closer to you.

Zoom lenses:
This is very special lense because it can be very versatile.This lense vary in their focal length and come in many fuctions like wide angle and many more.This lense is very expensive but not very expensive if we compare the price with the function of this lense.

Understand the use of every lense will help you produce very quality picture using your digital slr camera.

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