Basic Photoshop Tutorial For Newbie

Hye everyone..

Have you choose what model do you want to buy?
I already post 3 brands that is 'GIANT' in Digital Slr world.Maybe after this i will post review for Olympus camera.

Now i will like to give a Adobe Photoshop tutorial.Adobe Photoshop is a software that we can use to edit our picture.If you master in this software,you can produce a good quality picture even the pictures that you capture is not very good.

Here is the tutorial.

This is the workspace in Adobe Photoshop.

And this is the menu bar.By using this menu bar,you can open new file,change the file size,add filter,edit colour and many more.


  • open new file
  • load image from pc
  • save image
  • print image
  • for copy and paste
  • fill colour to image
  • rotate image
  • change image size
  • change canvas size
  • change image mode (rgb,cmyk,grayscale)
  • add space to image
  • add style to layer/image
  • add layer
  • delete layer
  • select specific position from image
  • apply filter to image
  • to add special effect
  • to change image screen

This is the Tool Option Bar

It will change refer to the tools that you select.You must remember that different tool show different option bar.

This is the Toolbox
We use this tool to edit image.
And this is the Shortcut Key Tool Box
We use this as a shortcut.So,you dont have to click to the Tool Box.

Sometimes we a small cursor at certain tools.It means that that tool have more than 1 tool inside there.If you want to see the tools that hiding inside that,just right click to that tool and you can see all the tools that hiding inside.

This is the funtion for every tools :

Marquee Tool:

Rectengular Marquee Tool
  • to make a square selected field
Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • to make a round selected field

Lasso tool
  • to select a field which is not straight line
Polygonal lasso tool
  • to select a field which is a straight line
Magnetic lasso tool
  • to select a field refer to the shape
Magic Wand Tool
to build a field which have same colour range

Crop Tool
to cut certain part in image

Slice Tool
to seperate large image into parts


Brush tool
  • to draw or colour image
Pencil Tool
  • to write and make a sketch

Healing Brush Tool
  • to recover certain field at image using pixel from other image
Patch Tool
  • to recover certain field at image using pixel from other image

Clone Stamp Tool
  • to paste or copy certain field from image to other place
Pattern Stamp Tool
  • to paste some pattern to image

Eraser Tool
  • to erase certain part in image
Background Eraser Tool
  • to erase image background

Blur Tool
  • to blur certain part in image
Sharpen Tool
  • to sharp certain part in image
Hope this tutorial will guide you to use Adobe Photoshop